Remember Camp Kirk in your Will

A gift by Will, known as a bequest, provides you with the opportunity to support Camp Kirk and the children we serve once your needs and those of your loved ones have been met.

Reasons to give

Reasons to give

Legacy giving often allows you to give more than you would otherwise be able to during your lifetime. Like every donation, your commitment will enrich the lives of more kids, youth and their families with Camp Kirk.

We want kids and youth with autism, ADHD and other exceptionalities to benefit from camp and other recreational programs — the instructions you leave behind will help your legacy live on.

We are committed to respecting the wishes of everyone who leaves a legacy gift to Camp Kirk. This is our promise:

1. Your Will is a private, personal document. We respect your privacy.

2. We understand that your loved ones come first.

3. We would like to know if you have made a gift to us in your Will so we can make plans for Camp Kirk, and recognize your generosity. Whether you choose to tell us or not is entirely your decision.

4. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our areas of work that interest you most, and how you can ensure your gift is directed to that area in the most effective way possible.

5. We will provide you and your loved ones with special opportunities to learn about our work in any ways that are meaningful to you.

6. We will respond to your questions or concerns. You can contact Tara Allman or another member of our team.

    Know your donation options

    Know your donation options

    With the help of a financial advisor and your family, you can determine what you’d like to donate to Camp Kirk. The next step is to assess your options, finalize your decision, and have your lawyer make the appropriate arrangements.

    There are several different ways to leave a future gift, and it’s important to understand your options and choose what works for you. We’ve highlighted some of the ways here, but it’s still important to consult with a professional advisor to help you decide.

    Bequests in your Will

    Anything from money to property to works of art can be given to us on your behalf.

    specific bequest allows you to designate a specific dollar amount or piece of property in your Will to Camp Kirk(e.g. real estate, stocks/bonds, works of art).

    Residual bequests allow to you allocate all (or a portion) of your estate that remains after all debts, taxes, expenses, and other bequests are paid.

    Finally, a contingent bequest allows you to make a provision in your Will that your gift only takes effect if your primary intention cannot be met (i.e. if your primary beneficiary and alternate beneficiaries do not live longer than you).

    Sample Wording for Bequest to Camp Kirk

    “To pay the Friends of the Learning Disabled, Camp Kirk [the sum of $____________ ] or [___% of the residue of my estate]. It is my wish that the funds be used specifically for unrestricted expendable use by Camp Kirk, for the purposes and designs deemed appropriate by Camp Kirk’s Board of Directors.”


    Legal Name and Address

    Friends of the Learning Disabled, Camp Kirk
    639A Mount Pleasant Rd
    Toronto, ON M4S 2M9
    Charitable Registration Number

    Life insurance policy gifts

    Another legacy option is to name us as the beneficiary of an insurance policy (including a policy from your workplace). When the funds are released, Camp Kirk will receive the donation on your behalf.

    You can also consider signing over ownership of a policy with premiums that are fully paid. If you choose this option, you’ll get a tax receipt for the cash surrender value.


    By naming Camp Kirk as the beneficiary of your RRSP/RRIF, you will contribute the remaining balance of these investments that exist upon your passing. This method can also offset the tax that would otherwise be payable on these assets by your estate. Talk to your professional advisor to determine if this is a good option for you.

    Charitable Remainder Trusts

    This legacy option may suit people who want to make to substantial donation with an irrevocable trust and earn immediate tax savings, while receiving income from the asset’s interest for life. Once transferred, you’ll receive a tax receipt for the present market value of the gift. Upon your passing, the asset is transferred to Camp Kirk.

    Confirming your legacy gift

    Once your arrangements have been made, complete our legacy gift confirmation form to notify us of your future gift. It’s important for us to know about your intended gift so that we can keep you informed of future plans. This will also help us create proactive plans so that we can continue to fulfil our mission.

    If you have any questions about Camp Kirk and our work before you get started feel free to contact us

    *The Legacy Giving information on this website is provided for general information purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice and assistance from your lawyer, financial advisor, or tax consultant.

    We recommend that you discuss your plans with your lawyer and/or financial advisor before proceeding with a legacy gift.