Leaders in Training

Camp Kirk’s Leader-in-Training (LIT) program is designed to support neurodiverse youth as they navigate the transition to adulthood. Geared to graduated campers, the LIT Program helps participants develop their leadership potential, independence, and employment skills – all within the support of the Camp Kirk community.

Program Overview

The LIT Program is a 2-year training program. The experience is designed to provide practical work experience in a supportive and nurturing environment, while providing ongoing tailored support and mentorship. The program runs in stages over two summers. Each year of the program focuses on a different set of skills.

Year 1: Program Facilitation

  • During the first summer LIT’s will learn about program facilitation and general camp staff duties. LIT’s will have placements shadowing our Program Staff, and will have the opportunity to plan and facilitate activities.

Year 2: Counselling Skills

  • If LIT’s are invited to return for a 2nd summer, they will return to camp to develop their childcare skills. During Year 2, LIT’s will be placed in cabin groups to work as a team with our counselling staff. 

Application Requirements

  • Must be a former Camp Kirk camper
  • 17-18 years old by June

Program Format

Mornings: Daily Training + Leadership Sessions

Participants will take part in daily training sessions with their supervisor. These sessions will cover different topics, such as:

  • Teamwork, collaborative problem-solving and communication
  • Self-advocacy, workplace health and safety, and risk management
  • Training specific to program streams (i.e. program facilitation, childcare skills)

Afternoons: Work Placements

Participants will learn by doing. Each afternoon participants will take part in a work placement, where they will shadow staff, practice new skills, and work collaboratively with their peers. Work placements differ based on program year.

Ongoing: Mentorship and Support from Senior Staff

Program participants will be living and working with the staff team throughout the course of the summer. This provides the LIT Supervisor, and the rest of the staff team, ample opportunity to provide participants with mentorship and guidance to build both life skills and work skills.

Formal evaluation and feedback will be provided by the LIT Supervisor at the midpoint and end-point of the program. Participants will receive a written evaluation that highlights their strengths and provides guidance on next steps for growth and development.

Rates and Dates


July 13-30, 2024


$3, 340

Learn about our Financial Aid Program

Financial Aid

Camp Kirk offers a Financial Aid program to ensure our services and support are financially accessible. Any family is welcome to apply for our Financial aid program, and we work on a ‘pay-what-you-can’ model. 

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

1. Fill out a Camper Application:

In the ‘Financial Aid’ section of the application, state what you can reasonably contribute towards camper fees. We work on an honour system, and do not require ‘proof-of-need’ documentation.

2. Camp Kirk will fundraise on your behalf:  

Our office staff works hard year-round to build our subsidy fund, and they will reach out to donors and community funders on your behalf.

In rare cases, we may have a funding opportunity that requires a direct application from a camper family. In these situations, we would aim to make the process as easy as possible- we would ask if you are interested in the funding opportunity, and our office staff would provide support to fill out the application. 


3. Fill out a year-end survey:

We ask families to help us with fundraising initiatives by filling out year-end surveys. Survey results and testimonials are used to report back to donors who supported our financial aid program. 

 If you have any questions about Camp Kirk’s Financial Aid Program, please contact us.

Apply to be an LIT

1. Online Application

Head to the Family Portal and submit an online LIT Application

2. LIT Interview

If chosen for an interview, a member of the Camp Kirk office team will be in touch to schedule your LIT Interview.

3. Enrolment Forms

If you are accepted into the Program, you will be asked to fill out a set of Enrolment Forms (i.e. Health Form, Participation Waiver, etc.). Once your enrolment forms are collected, you’re all set for the LIT experience!