The Cycle for Camp is going to be memorable and fun event where you can learn more about neurodiversity and Camp Kirk’s programs.  While there is no minimum fundraising requirement for the Cycle for Camp event, we greatly appreciate all your efforts to help give neuordiverse kids and youth a memorable and confidence building camp experience in 2024. 

We know that fundraising doesn’t always feel easy. We have provided you with some tools and tips below to help. Getting started early and letting people know why you’re participating will go a long way towards hitting your goal. We’ve created a few tips and tools to help.

If your friends and family would prefer to donate without using the internet, our offline donation form is available here.

Start with a Self Pledge

Did you know that Riders who make a self-donation when they register earn donations from their supporters up to 80% faster in their first three weeks? Kickstart your fundraising efforts with a self-pledge of $50-$250 and set the bar for how much others should donate.  You can donate here, make sure to select your personal fundraising page.

Reach Out

Share photos, tap into wider conversations, and go global with your connection to the cause.

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Step 1: Tell everyone you know.

The only way to find support is to let people know you need it. Edit and use your personal fundraising page (powered by Canada Helps) to share your story with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. All you have to do is share the link. Don’t forget to find out whether your company offers a corporate matching gift program, which can double your fundraising quickly!

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Step 2: Use all platforms.

Social media is an incredible fundraising tool and a great way to spread the word. Use all platforms to campaign for your Ride and increase your fundraising reach. Email your contact list, share stories on Instagram, update your Facebook friends and your LinkedIn colleagues too.

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Step 3: Make it personal.

What is your connection to Camp Kirk and neurodiverse kids and youth.  Don’t just tell friends that you’re riding. Tell them why you’re riding. Add photos and memories to your page and your socials – the more you share, the more people will give.

Share the Stats & the Impact

Share some eye-opening stats with your network so they know exactly what they are investing in…a Ride that will help create transformative summer camp experiences for kids & youth with autism, ADHD and other exceptionalities.  

Use our 2023 video and stats in emails, on social, or to start conversations about fundraising. The more we remind people of just how important the cause is, the more they will want to contribute. 


Unemployment rates for neurodivergent people are estimated to be as high as 30-40% – That’s 8 times the rates of most Canadians.


Children with ADHD are estimated to receive an average of 20,000 more negative messages by age ten.


The cost of raising a special needs child can be 4 times higher than other children. Parents can also have the added cost of taking time off work, or passing up promotions to care for their child.


55% of people with autism report having a co-occurring mental illness such as depression and anxiety.

What Families Say

Families and Staff are given the opportunity to complete a survey following their participation in one of our programs. Here is what they said:

Increased Employable Skills96% Increased Employable Skills

99% Improved Self-Esteem

Improved Self-Advocacy88% Improved Self-Advocacy

Sense of Belonging95% Improved Sense of Belonging

Increased Adaptability 88% Increased Adaptability 


over $700,000 in subsidies given in 2023

What Parents Say

“My daughter started at Camp  Kirk many years ago as a troubled child who felt like she was different and didn’t belong. Through the years of her attending Camp Kirk she has established coping strategies, a feeling of acceptance, self-esteem boost, confidence, and a new understanding of disabilities. The relationships she has made at camp are truly wonderful and very much cherished. Camp Kirk is a blessing for children like my daughter who feel they are different and don’t belong.” 

“Sometimes when you’re knee-deep in caregiving, you don’t realize the toll that it’s taking. The break offered by Camp Kirk lets me recharge my batteries and really be there for my son. Seeing his exhausted yet happy face and hearing his scratchy voice from so much laughing & singing & talking is amazing. His self-confidence is boosted, and his self-esteem is restored. The kids that attend Camp Kirk just need a chance to really be seen and heard. At Camp Kirk they get just that.” 

 “Our relationship with Camp Kirk continues to be the highlight of our family life. My son openly talks to friends, teachers, family members and fellow campers, about how Camp Kirk provides him the opportunity to develop into the leader that he knows he can be. From his first camp experience at the age of 10, he comes home each year with more confidence and such positive experiences that springboard him throughout the rest of the summer and the school year. Camp Kirk is a life changer for anyone that attends!”


“In COVID my kid’s confidence and mental health took a nose dive, to the point where I was not certain my child would survive. Being an LIT at Camp Kirk came at a moment when I was desperate to find ways to help them climb out of a deep hole of depression, self-doubt and hopelessness. As an LIT, they remembered what an amazing person they are, and who they can be. You gave my kid back hope for the future and I more grateful than I can say.”


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Cycle for Camp is postponed for 2024

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