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About Camp Kirk

For 30 years, Camp Kirk has helped kids who think, act and learn differently to build a positive self image. We create an inclusive and nurturing environment where differences are valued and seen as strengths. With a focus on fun, fostering positive friendships and a spotlight on strengths and going that extra mile to understand our campers. As a result, 90% of parents said coming to Camp Kirk boosted their child’s self-esteem.


About Neurodiversity and the Kids we Serve

Simply put, neurodiversity is the diversity of the human mind. Having a brain that functions differently than the ‘average’ individual can be beneficial as innovations, breakthroughs and masterpieces throughout history are thanks to individuals who saw the world differently – Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tim Burton, Billy Eilish to name a few!

Our campers and leaders-in-training are neurodiverse kids and youth, age 6-18. The majority of participants typically have one or more of the following diagnoses: Learning Disability, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tourettes or a tic disorder, An anxiety disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

By joining the Cycle for Camp on June 8th you’re helping neurodiverse kids and youth build hope for their future.

Why Neurodiverse People need Support


Unemployment rates for neurodivergent people are estimated to be as high as 30-40% – That’s 8 times the rate of most Canadians.


Children with ADHD are estimated to receive an average of 20,000 more negative messages by age ten.


The cost of raising a special needs child can be 4 times higher than other children. Parents can also have the added cost of taking time off work, or passing up promotions to care for their child.


55% of people with autism report having a co-occurring mental illness such as depression and anxiety.

How Camp Kirk Helps

Camp Kirk has served over 1500 neurodiverse kids and youth since 1993. The impact of Camp Kirk builds over years with 70% of our campers returning each summer, and some moving on to become Leaders in Training, and summer staff.  We remove financial barriers with a robust financial aid program so all children can access our camp programs – in 2023 we subsidized over $700,000 in fees. 

Hear what our staff, parents and campers have to say in the videos.

“There has never been a perfect fit for my daughter in her social surroundings, until now. Camp Kirk introduced her to what could be, a place she can be herself and be celebrated for her individuality. A place she can thrive and find joy and comfort with her peers and feel supported by all those around her. We have waited to find a place for our daughter to find a positive social circle and set her up for success. Camp Kirk did this and she has never been happier.”

Our Impact in Numbers

Families are given the opportunity to complete a survey following their child’s participation in one of our programs. This data is used to evaluate our impact and drive program development.

Sense of Belonging95% Improved Sense of Belonging

99% Improved Self-Esteem

Improved Self-Advocacy88% Improved Self-Advocacy

Increased Adaptability 88% Increased Adaptability 

Increased Employable Skills96% Increased Employable Skills

Join the Cycle for Camp

By joining the Cycle for Camp on June 8th you’re helping neurodiverse kids and youth build hope for their future.










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Kirkfield Camp Location
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Camp Kirk is a registered non-profit corporation CBN#13655-2643-RR-0001

Toronto Office
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Phone 416 782 3310

Cycle for Camp is postponed for 2024

Please contact the event organizer for more information: Deirdre Thomas deirdre@campkirk.com

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