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Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund: Camp Kirk feature | Press Archive PDFs

Eight charities that deserve your cheer PDF | Live Link
MARGARET WENTE. The Globe and Mail. Published Saturday, Dec. 21 2013, 8:00 AM EST


Metroland - Don's Dream Lives Thanks to Lions Camp Kirk PDF
A new Camp Kirk sign is erected in memory of Lions club member Don Acton.


Toronto Star - Joy to the Places Where Kids Belong PDF
In an afternoon by the pool at Camp Kirk, Henri talks about focusing on the positive and the kids feeling good about who they are. The Toronto Star contributes to the subsidy that Camp Kirk has for each child.


City Centre - The Moment PDF
Report from a fundraiser that highlights the impact camp can have on people's lives. Tom says without camp he wouldn't have done as much as he has: he was a camper, a Counsellor and now, after graduating with honours, is now pursuing a Masters in political science.


City Parent - January 2008 PDF
Article by Henri Audet.


LDAC National Newsletter - Winter 2007 PDF
See page 6 for an article by Henri Audet - Putting A Canadian Face On Learning Disabilities.


CityNews - A Night at Camp

A report on Camp Kirk's fundraiser at Bishop Strachan School, "A Night At Camp", where money was raised to help subsidize the 140 children who attend Camp Kirk each summer. (1:16)


Camp Kirk on Daytime Toronto

Camp Director Henri Audet, and Victoria Hand, mother of a child with a learning disability, board director and fundraiser, talk about the importance of providing recreational opportunities for children with learning disabilities, and how it can raise children's self esteem. Also hear Camp Kirk's theme song. (6:61).


Insights Part 1

Lynn Ziraldo, Executive Director of Learning Disabilities Association, describes what a learning disability and AD(H)D is and their effects, how to offer support and encourage strengths, and outlines some of the programs for children, adults, families, schools, teachers and social workers the Association offers. (14:48)


Insights Part 2

Lynn Ziraldo is joined by Camp Kirk Director, Henri Audet. Henri talks about the history and vision of the camp and how he got involved. He describes some of the camp activities, and how important it is to find and focus on the strengths of each camper. (10:48)


Insights Part 3

Catherine Henderson and Vicki Hand join Henri. They talk about what it means as parents to see their children change as a result of the camp experience, what camp Counsellors get out of it, the philosophy "challenge by choice", and the importance of offering a nurturing, safe camp environment. (12:50)


Insights Part 4

Nick, Catherine's son, describes the huge difference his summers at Camp Kirk has made in his life. Catherine talks about the change it's made to Nick and their family. Henri answers a frequent question about why parents would send their child with LD/AD(H)D to a camp with kids who have the same thing. (11:58)


Spider Jones Radio Show 1

Spider introduces his guests: Henri Audet, Director of Camp Kirk; Vicki Hand, parent of a son with learning disabilities, and Jeff Clayton, from the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada. Spider shares a surprising statistic on how many youth in prison have LDs. Vicki talks about what it's like to receive a learning disability diagnosis. (3:29)

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Spider Jones Radio Show 2

Vicki describes how her son's learning disabilities led to behaviour difficulties and low self-esteem. Henri remembers first meeting Robin, and says the more LDs and AD(H)D you have, the better. Jeff defines what a learning disability is. (11:44)

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Spider Jones Radio Show 3

The importance of finding a community for children with LD/AD(H)D is discussed. Henri describes a typical day at Camp Kirk, and is asked how they respond to children who act up. A listener asks a question about non-verbal learning disabilities. (9:19)

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Spider Jones Radio Show 4

The group talks about how communities such as Camp Kirk offer invaluable support and insight for children (and their parents) and adults with LDs/AD(H)D. (9:19)

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