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Directors & Staff

Henri Audet

Executive Director

Henri Audet has been the Executive Director of Camp Kirk since it began in 1993.

With almost 40 years of experience in the field of recreational camping, Henri brings a wealth of knowledge and depth to Camp Kirk.

Even though he has recently relinquished his duties as Camp Director, he remains the ‘visionary leader’ of the camp and has remained very active and involved with the overall operation of the organization.

Erica Coutts

Camp Director

Erica Coutts has been a staff member at Camp Kirk since the summer of 2004.

Hired in 2011 as the Full–Time Camp Director, Erica works side by side with Henri to ensure the success and good management of the camp.

Over the years she has demonstrated very strong leadership skills, and more importantly, a real understanding and true love for Camp Kirk.

She holds a Master’s in Arts in Child Study and Education and is an Ontario Certified Teacher.

Tara Allman

Development Director

Tara Allman joined the Camp Kirk team in 2016.

She previously worked at the Jane Goodall Institute, where she was responsible for fundraising, event planning, database management and planning Dr. Goodall’s Speaking Tour across Canada.

Alongside Erica and Henri, Tara will lead our fundraising efforts to help ensure that Camp Kirk can continue to offer children a one-of-a-kind summer camp experience.

Camp Kirk Staff

Mature. Dynamic. Compassionate

Our staff are committed to creating a supportive and nurturing environment for our campers.

Although many are studying or working in related fields such as education, social work or therapeutic recreation, staff members are chosen primarily for their keen interest and ability to work with children with exceptionalities.

To prepare for the summer, the entire staff takes part in an intensive 10-day pre-camp training period.