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Camp Kirk’s Financial Aid Process

If a child is eligible for Camp Kirk, we want to ensure they are not left out due to financial constraints. For that reason, we work all year long to raise funds to provide financial aid to families who simply cannot afford the camper fees.

The need for support is increasing every year, and the requests for financial aid are a lot for our little camp alone. For that reason we strive to work hand-in- hand with families to raise funds to cover camp fees. We will put in the hard work, but we ask families to match our efforts - we will provide you as much support as we can to help the process!



Step 1: Submit a Camper Application

  • Before we can consider financial aid, we need to ensure that we have the appropriate programming and support for your child.

Step 2: Claim a Family Contribution

  • Fill out the ‘Financial Aid’ section of our camper application and claim a ‘Family Contribution’. A Family Contribution is the amount your family can reasonably contribute towards camper fees. We are happy to set up a payment plan so you can pay your family contribution in instalments.

Step 3: Let the Fundraising Begin!

  • Once we have your application and financial aid request, Camp Kirk will start fundraising on your behalf.
  • We ask that you match our efforts by fundraising within your own community. To help this process, we have put together a Finacial Aid Resource Guide Financial Aid Resource Guide. We will supply you with subsidy applications to help you raise funds.

Come spring, we will assess the results of our fundraising efforts and be in touch with camper families to confirm financial aid and registration.


Although we cannot guarantee funding at the time of application, we can say that we are usually successful achieving our financial aid goals when we work hand-in- hand with our camper families.