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Financial Aid & Camper Subsidies

Camp Kirk works with parents and the community to ensure that financial restraints are not a barrier to the camp experience. While we cannot guarantee that financial aid will be available, we do our best to assist parents in their quest for funding.


Three-step process to apply for Financial Aid:


Step 1:  Complete an Application & Claim an ‘Out-of-Pocket’ Family Fee

Complete an online application and fill out the ‘Financial Aid’ portion when prompted. To show commitment to the camp experience, every family is asked to contribute towards camp fees from their own personal budget. ‘Out-of-Pocket’ Family Fees can be paid in monthly instalments, with the first instalment being paid as the application deposit. ‚Äč

Step 2: Secure External Funding

Camp Kirk will send you a list of Financial Aid Resources in Ontario. It lists a number of external subsidy opportunities that you can apply for. We encourage you to source out funding opportunities through community clubs, private organizations, churches, etc. Your own fundraising, no matter how big or small, will increase the chances that your child will be able to attend camp.   

Step 3: Camp Kirk Funding Allocation

Camp Kirk will evaluate each family's contribution and external fundraising. From there, we will assess our ability to provide a Camp Kirk subsidy to 'bridge the gap'. 

Come spring, we will assess the results of our fundraising efforts and be in touch with camper families to confirm financial aid and registration.
Although we cannot guarantee funding at the time of application, we can say that we are usually successful in achieving our financial aid goals when we work hand-in-hand with our camper families.